Starry Messenger: Galileo’s Vision in the 21st Century Art, Louisiana Museum of Art and Science, Baton Rouge

In celebration of the International Year of Astronomy, Starry Messenger: Galileo’s Vision in 21st Century Art features the artwork of contemporary artists who are inspired by astronomy together with reproductions of Galileo’s drawings and text panels describing his accomplishments. In 1609, when Galileo first turned his telescope to the heavens, he revolutionized humanity’s understanding of its place in the cosmos. His training in the fine arts enhanced his analysis of what he saw and his ability to convey it. Just as Galileo’s observations inspired artists of his own time, these works in a variety of media demonstrate the continuing allure that the cosmos holds for today’s artists.

The artists represented include: Vija Celmins; Thierry W Despont; Elen A. Feinberg; Jonathon Feldschuh; Eva Lee; Carol Prusa; Josh Simpson; and Sallie Wolf. Organized by LASM.

Starry Messenger: Galileo’s Vision in 21st Century Art September 26 – December 13, 2009 | 2010 | news